Make the Most of Your Patients' Time

Consider that you can provide quality patient education and answer patients’ questions while they wait for their appointment or while they exercise in your gymWhile there is no substitute for patient education with an experienced clinician, this tool can be a valuable adjunct to your clinical practice.  You can offer educational and entertaining information in a manner that draws patients in and piques their interest while they wait to be seen or while they exercise.

"Our patients learn and pass the time, while they exercise. This has been a wonderful addition to our program!"
- Dr. Phil Ades, Cardiologist, University of Vermont Medical Center, Burlington, Vermont

The Intelligent Option is is a patient-centered, health education tool designed for use in your waiting room or gym. It contains hundreds of accurate health facts that are relevant to patients’ lives. The presentations run silently on a flat-screen television and information is presented through multiple choice questions, true-or-false questions, and “Did you know?” statements. These referenced facts are interspersed with humor, wisdom, and stunning images. The Intelligent Option will engage, challenge, entertain, and motivate your patients.

"The quotes and visual effects are magnificent! Great product!"
- Dr. Liz Diesing, Medical Director, St. Luke's Medical Center, Meridian, Idaho

How it Works

The Intelligent Option is comprised of streaming health facts accessed via the internet. The Intelligent Option is available on a subscription basis for $250 per year. Once you have purchased a subscription, simply access this website and start the presentation. The presentations will then run on a continuous loop.  No DVD or software is required. Click here for additional set-up information and here for FAQs.

"It is such a great way to provide education through an entertaining and professional presentation.  Our patients definitely watch it and comment on what they learn."
Deena Haynes, MS, Assistant Director - Tyler Heart Institute, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, Monterey, California

The Most Up-to-Date Information

Because The Intelligent Option is web based, the information contained in the presentation can be updated seamlessly. We update the content of the presentation routinely to accommodate changes in guidelines and to reflect the latest research.

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What it Looks Like

Click here to view a sample presentation.

"Great tips. I go home and share the information with my family!"
- patient, Burlington, Vermont

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